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CMV: Proportional Representation (PR) is the Superior System

It is more fair

I was inspired by the American elections on this one. That's because hearing Trump complain about election fraud seems rich considering he would not have come close to beating Hilary or Biden in the last two elections without the Electoral College system (in both instances he lost the popular vote).
Of course, the Electoral College system is law, so gerrymandering cannot legally be "fraud" but come on - if a candidate wins the popular vote they should, morally speaking, win the presidency. The Electoral College system is even worse than British First Past the Post (FPTP) it seems, as a party that wins the Electoral Colleges still does not necessarily have control over the senate.

It reflects the voting majority better

Here in UK recently we had an election where the Prime Minister won an 80 seat majority the size of which he would never have gotten with proportional representation. While Johnson would have always stayed on as PM, he would not have had a "democratic" mandate to push through the policies he wants to: a hard Brexit, Americanising the Supreme Court, questionable Civil Service reforms (Cummings) and the Internal Markets Bill to name a few. That's because a stronger Opposition under PR would have opposed a lot of this.

You get more local representatives that may reflect your point of view

I have heard it said that FPTP returns you a constituent politician that can dedicate themselves to representing local issues. But with PR there may be several local representatives in population dense areas that reflect different political perspectives. So if you have an issue you think a socialist would understand better you can contact them, or if it was a conservative or a liberal you wanted to talk to, you'd be more likely to have those options as well.
Obviously in some communities, you might find there wasn't as broad an array of representatives. However you'd have a better shot at that under PR as well as a wider choice of representatives to talk to even if they are from the same party.

It is just as "stable", if not more so

First, I disagree with the premise that opponents to PR subscribe to that a constitution is stable if it does not require a coalition government and government can more easily enact policies in accordance with their voting base (and get those through parliament). Firstly, "more stuff done" is not better: quality, not quantity.
When we had a minority conservative government before 2019 I actually thought parliament were doing a good job of scrutinising and making amendments to Brexit legislation so that the country could come to a positive consensus on what would be a stable result. Being able to rush stuff through parliament just leads to chaotic mistakes like the Iraq war, where Blair was able to rush a decision to go to war even though the decision was very popular among the public at large.
Would he have been able to do this under a proportionally representative parliament? Also would Cummings have as much sway in bullying his vision for the country if parliament was proportionally representative? Neither of these seem likely. The other objection related to the point about is that FPTP means the largest group can get their voice heard whereas with a coalition government the negotiations result in a compromise that represent no particular group.
But actually PR just treats what the majority want a lot differently. For example if 40% of people want a No Deal Brexit but 60% of people are divided between Remain and Soft Brexit, sure the largest minority group wants a hard break from the EU. But it would seem that the majority of people (60%) would prefer to at least remain in a customs union with Europe. So FPTP has a twisted idea of what it means to represent the majority.
The idea that it would be less stable and more democratic to force a vision through parliament that most people don't want because ideology exists as a spectrum rather than a binary categorisation seems perverse. If a National Unity Government was strong enough - necessary in fact - to face Hitler, it seems that coalition governments should be able to fare well enough during times of lesser crisis.

It won't particularly lead to racist parties forming, or it might but it is not that substantial

So, with the vote split between two large parties partially "left" or "right to the Overton window people will generally vote for centrist governments, or centre-right if you consider UK and America are to the right of most other countries. This doesn't really give much breathing space for racist parties in general as racist parties tend to have radical ideologies that deviate far from the centre-ground.
But with proportional representation, people no longer consider voting for a party that deviates too far from centre a "wasted vote" since those parties now have a legitimate shot to either get into power, or simply to veto government. Whereas before, they would be stealing votes from a mainstream party closest too them, enabling the party you hate most to get in, now that doesn't matter because your favourite party can form a coalition with the enemy of your friend (whether in power or opposition).
Or they can form a coalition with your enemy, softening the blows and impacts of that party's policy making. This can lead to authoritarian and racist parties forming, some say. But the thing is firstly, racist parties can get in power even with FPTP.
For example, when the Reformed National Party won most of the seats in the 1948 FPTP election leading to apartheid South Africa (1). The Nazi Party had actually arrested all of the Communist deputies and changed the rules to make it easier to pass the Enabling Act in 1933 (1), thus making the system less proportionally representative.
Meanwhile, Karl Popper has this to say about tolerating (or not tolerating) intolerance in modern democracies:
Unlimited tolerance must lead to the disappearance of tolerance. If we extend unlimited tolerance even to those who are intolerant, if we are not prepared to defend a tolerant society against the onslaught of the intolerant, then the tolerant will be destroyed, and tolerance with them.
More relevantly to my argument, he says:
as long as we can counter them by rational argument and keep them in check by public opinion, suppression would certainly be unwise.
I extend an interpretation of this (my words, not Popper's) to mean that it could be prudent, even on a political level to occasionally hand the racists a platform so that we can debate and repudiate their ideas. Whereas complete suppression can occasionally lend credence to the idea that a person's logic is "irrefutable" and that is why their expression has been muted. Letting the racist party's a small portion of politic representation to refute their ideas can quash such a notion.
And besides, we can defeat racist parties through legal mechanisms to defeat or obstruct them when their policies become too extreme. For example, the British National Party (BNP) "gained all the borough council seats in parts of Burnley despite getting nowhere near a majority of the vote" (1).
However, the BNP were also obstructed by legal democratic mechanisms when a court ruled the party was legally required to allow ethnic minorities membership in the party, thus morphing the whole focus. Popper sort of makes a similar argument to this as well though neither of us have outright claimed racist or anti-democratic authoritarian parties should be banned entirely:
[W]e should claim the right to suppress [those who are intolerant] if necessary even by force; for it may easily turn out that they are not prepared to meet us on the level of rational argument, but begin by denouncing all argument; they may forbid their followers to listen to rational argument, because it is deceptive, and teach them to answer arguments by the use of their fists or pistols. We should therefore claim, in the name of tolerance, the right not to tolerate the intolerant. We should claim that any movement preaching intolerance places itself outside the law, and we should consider incitement to intolerance and persecution as criminal, in the same way as we should consider incitement to murder, or to kidnapping, or to the revival of the slave trade, as criminal.
I'm not saying that there is no threat from racist parties under PR as quite a few European proportionally representative democracies have them. I am just saying that the threat is firstly exaggerated and secondly we are not exactly protected from them by FPTP either. Could you imagine how bad it would be if a country were facing the same instability, economic depression and racial divisions as a country like Germany during the Weimar Republic but instead of a PR democracy, a racist anti-democratic government were able to gerrymander constituencies to their benefit through FPTP? (1)


(1) Electoral Reform Website: "Did Proportional Representation put the Nazis in power?"
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Where’s the best place to live in light of collapse?

Ok we are 323 comments in on the collapse post and 98% didn’t bother to make even a slightly thoughtful answer. So... i guess i will be the change i want to see in the world
First off, If you are the fatalistic nihlistic type you can just go where you think it will be nice to die, maybe that is with friends and family, maybe it is on a beach in mexico, or feeding your body to the last polar bear. For everyone else that still has the instinct and drive for self-preservation….
What are the best places to be leading up to or during collapse?

First let's question the question.

What difference does it make to know "What are the best places to be leading up to or during collapse"?
The answer is dependent upon your own personal situation. Your personal situation has limiting factors.
Your personal Limiting Factors constrain you usually somewhere between those extremes, everyone has different options.
If we assume you are asking the question "What are the best places to be leading up to or during collapse" because you want to have the best standard of living available for as long as possible or simply survive the incoming population bottleneck, then the practical question becomes ...
"What are the best places to be, leading up to or during collapse, that i can get to, and establish myself in such a way that I can maintain the best standard of living possible for as long as I can or simply increase my probability of surviving the incoming population bottleneck."
It is important to ask this question to constrain the search space to the possible. It makes fuck-all difference if a somali goat herder knows about the ToP SeCret ElitE mULtibiLLioNaIre New ZEaLand sOUth IsLaNd ReDoUbt BuNkeR CoMmUnITy It is not going to help him and should not be in the search space as a survival strategy.
TL:DR Constrain your search space to what is realistically achievable for you.
  1. Start with your baseline probability of survival and increase it.
  2. Don't let a search for "best place" stop you from achieving "good enough place" or "better than where i was previously place".
  3. You are just trying to be an early adopter of increasing your survival probability stats before the non collapse-pilled masses.
  4. Think of surviving bottlenecks like surviving a charging bear attack, you don't need to be able to outrun the bear, you only need to be able to outrun the slowest people in the group up to the point the bear's appetite is satiated.
  5. Remember working with others can leverage group synergies and massively increase the realistic capabilities, but this requires you establish social cohesion with sane cooperative people that have a similar goal orientation. /greencommunes
What are the best places to be, leading up to or during collapse, that i can get to, and establish myself in such a way that I can maintain the best standard of living possible for as long as I can or simply increase my probability of surviving the incoming population bottleneck." 

Ok now lets question the new question some more...

In order to answer this we need to untangle some of the subjective and objective elements.
The objective elements of human survival are well known.
Optimizing location is a series of subjective trade-offs. There is no perfect place, they all have advantages and disadvantages.
So you must decide your personal preference of which goods and bads you most desire and what your scenario expectations are of the future.
Your personal preferences and collapse expectations mean the “best area” is specific to you.
What you can achieve and what do you desire, find the overlap between the two, then do research to find the place that gives you the most goods with the least bads and increases your probability of survival and standard of living.
One of the best strategies is to adapt yourself to your local circumstances to take advantage of the advantages, and plan ahead to mitigate the disadvantages, it is really all most people can do for themselves.
Do you like not living in unbearable heat, maybe moving to greenland is NOT a better option than just buying 400watts of solar panels and attaching it to a small efficient AC that keeps one room of your house cool even during summer electricity blackouts. Most problems have multiple solutions, it is worth it to take time and think about things from an economic perspective and different time horizon perspectives.
Increasing your optionality is better than narrowing it when it comes to survival, rather than the binary thinking, of “go way out into the northern mountains, farm and live in a bunker” versus “be a full time yuppie and ignore collapse issues”. Getting 2 acres you can put a cheap used rv camper on and go do permaculture on during weekends, near enough your place of employment/where you live, is probably a better plan. Indeed the small dacha’s and country gardens helped many people survive the collapse of the USSR. They would spend weekends and haul potatoes/veggies back to the city with them on the bus. Hedge your bets to cover the most scenarios including the most likely scenarios like losing your job or getting in a car accident. Survival and thriving always has and always will involve dynamic adaptation.
Here is a very short list of some of potential trade-offs that you may need to think about and some brief descriptions of how they can affect things. This is NOT meant to be a systematic or exhaustive analysis, this is just me stream-of-conscious flowing on strong coffee to help others start thinking about it for themselves. There are unlimited variables
Most of these maps are of the USA. If you have other maps please post them in the comments and i will edit this post to squeeze them in. From these maps and a little critical thinking you can figure out where is best for YOU. If you need to figure something out go to google images and search for maps it is easier than ever to find what you need. But remember the map is not the territory, there are great spots maps don't have the resolution to show.These are just some random things i pulled up real quick. mapporn is a good source
There are a lot of submaps,for example if you click california then it brings first and last frost date maps, heat maps etc…
On the left hand side there are lots of links to climate and biogeography maps
Firehazard map middle of nowhere
hdd+cdd= change in energy requirements for climate control Find out what your city will be like in 60 years
human development index solar and wind potential combined 1% of population lives here land quality Fig. 2 Spatial distributions of projected damages. County-level median values for average 2080 to 2099 RCP8.5 impacts. Impacts are changes relative to counterfactual “no additional climate change” trajectories. Color indicates magnitude of impact in median projection; outline color indicates level of agreement across projections (thin white outline, inner 66% of projections disagree in sign; no outline, ≥83% of projections agree in sign; black outline, ≥95% agree in sign; thick white outline, state borders; maps without outlines shown in fig. S2). Negative damages indicate economic gains. (A) Percent change in yields, area-weighted average for maize, wheat, soybeans, and cotton. (B) Change in all-cause mortality rates, across all age groups. (C) Change in electricity demand. (D) Change in labor supply of full-time-equivalent workers for low-risk jobs where workers are minimally exposed to outdoor temperature. (E) Same as (D), except for high-risk jobs where workers are heavily exposed to outdoor temperatures. (F) Change in damages from coastal storms. (G) Change in property-crime rates. (H) Change in violent-crime rates. (I) Median total direct economic damage across all sectors [(A) to (H)]. Nuclear targets Chernobyl fallout, demonstrates the nonlinear patterns of distribution Reliance on nuclear energy. Global solar potential Renewable electric supply
Power plants Red and orange have same populations Agricultural suitability how america uses its land Life expectancy by congressional district food for humansgreen versus animal feed purple line that separates wet and dry USA Is food a human right? See paupericide food self sufficiency[email protected]/Worlds-hybrid-PV-Wind-power-plant-cumulative-FLh-map.png combination wind+photovoltaic capacity human appropriated net primary productivity avoid the pink and orange unless your strategy is cannabilism in fast or hard crash. water shortage malnutrition
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Master List Of Left-Wing Youtube AND Podcast Channels - REVISED

Master List Of Left-Wing Youtube AND Podcast Channels

***NOTE: after a discussion with the mods I’ve taken out the original note here. Suffice to say the reason I put together this revised list was to add a number of channels I felt had been unfairly excluded. I’ve taken out a few controversial channels to comply with the mods request that i do so, as well as link to OP at his request. I thank the mods for allowing me to keep the rest of the channels I’ve added to the list.
Newly Added channels not on OP:
Tovarich Endymion, BrendanMccooney, Red Star Video, Claudia Brown, SJW101, azureScapegoat, Benji Adam Wiskettes, DemocraticSocialist01, Comrade Hakim, FinnishBolshevik, Bat’ko The Manarchist, ProSocialism, Flea Market Socialist, KnowingBetter, and a few others!
As a socialist I don't believe masterlists should constitute any kind of intellectual property that should be protected, especially in context of a masterlist that is being shared to spread awareness of leftist channels shared with the leftist community. I believe the channels I added deserve recognition. I don’t mind sharing editing with the community — let me know what you’d like to add and I’ll try my best to accommodate within the word limit here. I’ve had to take out a few of the film related channels to make room for more directly politically related podcasts.
I included the Podcast section in post and just removed the NEWS section of the original post, so that can be found in the OP (link in title). Also please note that to accommodate more podcasts and other more directly related leftist channels, I’ve had to remove some more film focused channels. Those can be found on the OP. Thanks comrades.
---------- please give these channels as much help as you can by subscribing and watching their content. We need these things to expand as much as possible if we don't want to entirely lose YouTube to the far-right.

ContraPoints: Explains political and social justice issues in funny and accessible way, utilising atmospheric lighting, lavish sets and costumes and memorable characters to illustrate her points.
Recommended video: Does The Left Hate Free Speech?

Hbomberguy: Debunks and mocks the views of right-wing YouTube commentators. Combines silly sketch comedy with well-researched critiques. Also reviews media like TV and video games.
Recommended video: Soy Boys: A Measured Response

Shaun: Creates longform, extremely thorough and straightforward rebuttals of right-wing videos. His content is also very researched and relies on some very sly, dry humour. Has also begun making videos explaining left-wing positions on issues such as 'How Privatisation Fails: Railways'.
Recommended video: The Great Replacement Isn't Real ft. Lauren Southern

Innuendo Studios: Brought to my attention through the comments here. Has done some very interesting series of videos including 'Why Are You So Angry?', which analysed the mindset of the young men behind Gamergate.
Recommended videos: The Alt-Right Playbook: Introduction

Peter Coffin: Creates deep dives from a socialist perspective into topical political and social issues. Also does regular livestreams on these subjects with his wife Ashleigh.
Recommended video: What Jordan B. Peterson Is Doing

Philosophy Tube: Analyses current affairs through a philosophical lens and creates explainers on well-known and important moral and political philosophers and philosophical concepts.
Recommended video: The Philosophy of Antifa

Potholer54: A journalist and former geologist debunks climate change denial and other science myths ranging from that of right-wing YouTubers like Steven Crowder and Stefan Molyneux to major denier figures like Lord Christopher Monkton and Patrick Moore. Makes an enormous point of referencing scientific papers and consensus on these issues, but addresses these subjects in a very easy to understand way. Perhaps my favourite of all the YouTubers on this list.
Recomended video: Top 10 climate change myths
Three Arrows: Debunks inaccurate takes on history by the right wing. Uses a similar longform format to Shaun's videos, and is also very well-sourced with some of the mods of the Ask Historians subreddit acting as researchers.
Recommended video: Guns in the Third Reich - A Response to Ben Shapiro And Others

Anactualjoke: Refutes poor understandings and misrepresentations of Marxism from YouTubers like Sargon of Akkad and PragerU while defending socially liberal ideas like intersectionality.
Recommended video: The Youtube Red Scare: Episode 1 - Does Sargon Understand the left?

Benji Adam Whiskettes: Excellent marxist channel featuring videos on how Communism has improved womens rights, why the profit motive is not good, wealth gaps, and how capitalism has not created jobs. Noteworthy for video of Professor G.A. Cohen debunking the myth of incentive under capitalism
Recommended video: G.A. Cohen debunks the myth of incentive under Capitalism

Red Star Video: Featuring marxist film reviews, analysis of the origin of the alt right, reaction videos on political charts, history of the second international, cuban socialism, and an overview of different tendencies, Red Star is an overall great marxist channel. Noteworthy for video “Why The RIght Is Wrong On Free Speech” Recommended Video: Why The Right Is Wrong On “Free Speech”
Claudia Brown: Feminist and socialist channel featuring a variety of videos on a wide variety of subjects. Everything from Islam and Feminism to response videos, to women’s participation in the workplace, to examinations of the use of buzzwords. Noteworthy for unique perspectives on feminism and capitalism.
Recommended Video: Capitalism DOESNT enhance innovation
SJW 101 The Political Gamer: A channel that does effective leftist critique on a variety of issues, including on anti-feminism, the youtube right, the “skeptic” movement, Milo, Laci Green with wry wit and careful analysis.
Recommended video: Sargon, collectivism and the Skeptic Community
Brendan Mccooney: Hands down the most comprehensive channel on Marxian Economics. Covers topics like the law of value, overdeterminism, etc. in depth with well edited videos featuring videos, graphics. An absolute must for understanding economics, not too dry either.
Recommended Video: Law Of Value: Introduction
DemocraticSocialist01: With well edited, carefully argued videos on Hayek, Pinochet, Mao, Capitalisms Death Toll, Coach Red Pill, Brazil and Venezuela, this channel is excellent in debunking a lot of bad reactionary arguments while teaching quite a lot.
Recommended Video: Mao Did More Good Than Harm (Note: This video is mirrored, the video was taken down from his channel for some reason).
BadMouseProductions: Similarly primarily debunks bad understands of socialism from the right, but also does videos explaining socialist concepts and debunking bad right wing takes on other topics like climate change.
Recommended video: Argument ad Venezuelum (debunks the idea that Venezuela is a socialist country)
C0nc0rdance: Only uploads infrequently, but does very educated videos explaining scientific concepts such as gender and the genetics of ethnicity from a left-wing perspective. Also does videos addressing social topics from this same political viewpoint.
Recommended video: The Science of Human Races, Part 1
CreationistCat: The Mr. Plinkett of the YouTube Left. Using absurdist humour, bizarre editing and yet surprisingly great insight and research, the character of Creationist Cat (a magical housecat who was 'zapped through da internet' by God) mocks and exposes the bullshit of the right wing and online skeptic community.
Comrade Hakim: Noteworthy for a variety of videos discussing everything from the problem with worker co-ops, healthcare, how socialism gives a better quality of life, and one must watch video in particular on the subject of capitalism lifting people out of poverty. As an addendum to that video, I also recommend the Guardian Article “Aid In Reverse: How poor countries develop rich ones”
Recommended Video: Capitalism HASNT Lifted People Out Of Poverty
Cuck Philosophy: Explains topics in moral and political philosophy, does Marxist analyses of popular culture, but has perhaps best contributed to left-wing YouTube by doing long, in-depth deconstructions of the way figures like Jordan Peterson, Sam Harris and Steven Hicks misunderstand philosophy.
Recommended video: A Critique of Sam Harris' 'The Moral Landscape'
EssenceOfThought: Left-wing atheist channel that goes against what has become typically expected from the 'skeptic' community and actually critiques not only arguments from religious apologists, but also those who argue against non-binary gender, trans identities and other LGBT rights.
Recommended video: Jordan Peterson Lies About The Science On Same Gender Parenting
For Harriet: An intersectional black feminist channel which, aside from responding to current events pertaining to women's rights, takes a fairly uncompromising look at the perceived flaws in the movement to effectively analyse how it can be made better.
Recommended video: Candace Owens Is A Bad Actor
Tovarisch Endymion: An overall excellent marxist channel featuring videos on topics about Capitalism, how socialism HAS worked, replies to prager U and other reactionary channels, as well as a number of explainer videos. Noteworthy for video on an analysis of countries with deregulated market economies which feature atrocious wealth gaps.
Recommended Video: A Look at the Freest Markets In The World

Libertarian Socialist Rants: An anarchist who debunks bad capitalist arguments and anti-social liberalism views. Also does videos explaining anarchist principles and refuting common critiques of this ideology.
Recommended video: Anarchist Commentaries Episode 6: Paul Joseph Watson and the Dunning-Kruger Effect

RichardDWolff: The channel of well-known Marxist economist Prof. Richard D. Wolff. This channel is home to exclusive lectures where Professor Wolff explains current American and global economic problems and how Marxian economics can be both a prism to analyse how these problems effect people, and also be a solution to these systemic economic flaws. The channel Democracy At Work(which actually currently sits at 60k subscribers) features other lectures on the same subjects regarding contemporary failures of capitalism, and is based on a book of Wolff's with the same name.
Recommended video: Crisis and Openings: Introduction to Marxism - Richard D Wolff

The Messianic Manic: Another left-wing atheist channel. Does short but clever videos rebutting bad arguments from religious apologists and social conservatives.
Recommended video: Ben Shapiro Is Wrong About: Raising Children

Zero Books: A promotional channel for the Marxist literary publishing imprint of the same name. Uses the books available from their line as a starting point for videos exploring concepts in political and social philosophy and interpreting current political events and figures through a Marxist lens.
Recommended video: The Intellectual Dark Web Is Afraid Of Marx

AngieSpeaks: Produces anarchist critiques of current political events and explorations of anarchist/socialist history.
Recommended video: Conspiracy Culture: A Leftist Analysis

BlackGoat 666: Debunks online right-wing heroes like Ben Shapiro, Jordan Peterson and Christina Hoff-Sommers.
Recommended video: Jordan Peterson Is A Fraud. Part 1: Bill C-16

Eric Taxxon: Known for doing Hbomberguy's music, but between original music videos does left-wing response videos to people like Paul Joseph Watson.
Recommended video: The Kunst Saga | How The Right Wing Views Modern Art

In Otter Words: Hasn't uploaded in a year but hopefully will again soon since his output has been very underrated. Debunks bad right-wing criticisms of feminism and the trans rights movement. I'm shocked no bigger YouTubers have seized on his discovery that Ben Shapiro has been lying about the trans suicide rate.
Recommended video: Ben Shapiro and the Transgender Suicide Rate

José: Very similar to the style of Potholer54, but addressing similar subjects to channels like those like Hbomb, Shaun and Contra. He debunks right-wingers like Dave Rubin, Steven Crowder and Roaming Millennial with very eloquent, long-form responses.
Recommended video: Steven Crowder Is A Fraud | Change My Mind

Kristi Winters: Feminist social scientist famous for pummelling Sargon of Akkad when they debated. Does discussion livestreams addressing events and arguments of the anti-feminist 'Skeptic' community.
Recommended video: Reasonable Questions For Anti-SJWS and Formal Debate: Sargon of Akkad vs Kristi Winters

Maria the Witch: Covers feminist and LGBT topics. Similarly to Contra (whom she has recently done a video criticising) Maria often rebuts anti-SJW points against socially progressive ideals, having done videos addressing fat shaming, the placement of asexuality on the LGBT spectrum, and the commodification of female beauty.
Recommended video: Roaming Millennial: Hates Women. Hates Facts.

Messy Elliott: Has done rebuttals to Dave Rubin and InfoWars as well as a video defending non-binary gender from the uneducated criticism of major YouTubers (see below).
Recommended video: YouTubers Don't Understand: Non-Binary People | Messy Elliott

Mexie: Creates very polished socialist critiques and explorations of economic topics
Recommended video: Why People Who Need Redistribution Hate It: The Free Market & You

Mia Mulder: Self-proclaimed ‘angry trans woman’. Addresses political topics such as the Syria conflict, debating with white supremacists and the relationship of left-wing ideology with trans women in an entertaining way.
Recommended video: Syria: Many Of These Options Are Bad

Never Speak In Absolutes: Creates videos that draw on a knowledge of philosophy to critique members of the Intellectual Dark Web like Jordan Peterson and Sam Harris, as well as addressing other big issues like peak oil. Occasionally livestreams with Douglas Lain of Zero Books.
Recommended video: What Jordan Peterson Gets Wrong About Marx, Postmodernism and The Left.

NonCompete: The channel's description sums it up best, "Non-Compete is a leftist blog and video series dedicates to the principles of intersectionalist liberation, anarchism, communism, and puppet shows." Does videos similar to the style of Peter Coffin addressing specific leftist issues alongside a podcast with other leftists mentioned on this list like AngieSpeaks and RadicalReviewer.
Recommended video: The Red Pill is a CULT

PoliDice: Creates ‘debunking’ videos similar to the Potholer54 format José uses, and addressing similar topics. He’s done videos responding to Matt Christiansen, Steven Crowder, Ben Shapiro and PragerU.
Recommended video: Ten Horrible Ben Shapiro Arguments Debunked

Radical Reviewer: Previously focused on reviewing leftist books and other media, but as of about a day ago has branched out into response videos to right-wing lunatics.
Recommended video: Stefan Molyneux Doesn't Understand Anarchism

Rational Disconnect: Creates very Hbomberguy-esque videos responding to shitty arguments and videos from the skeptic community and alt-right. Like Hbomb he talks to the camera and includes performative comedy bits.
Recommended video: South Africa & The Far Right | PART 1 (placed in limited state by YouTube because the alt-right reported it for the clips from other people he includes who themselves were not flagged)

KnowingBetter: Debunking channel featuring videos exposing Gandhi, defending Christopher Columbus, and going after the likes of Winston Churchill. “Now you know better”
Recommended Video: Going After Gandhi: A Perverted Purity
Sarcasmitron: Another ‘debunker’ in the Potholer format. Has responded to Paul Joseph Watson, Ben Shapiro, No Bullshit and Stefan Molyneux in between video game and politics related shitposts.
Recommended video: The Truth About Paul Joseph Watson (For Real)
Thom Avella: Similar to hbomberguy's style but more vlog-based. Rebuts right-wing videos but also has a series called 'Buzzwords from the Right' where he specifically debunks misused terms and slurs used by that side like to chastise us.
Recommended video: What "Questions for SJWs" Taught Me About YouTube Antifeminism

Thought Slime: Anarchist who explains the tenents of his ideology and occasionally responds to right-wing dipshits.
Recommended video: We don't talk about She-Ra (sorry to have two She-Ra related videos in a row, but this truly is my favourite thing this guy’s done)
Xexizy: Marxist who both promotes socialist ideology and critiques those who misrepresent and slander it such as PragerU, Ben Shapiro and Jordan Peterson.
Recommended video: Different Kinds of Marxism Explained
Bat’ko The Manarchist: Bat’ko is a leftist prominent on leftypol. He makes hilarious and clever songs about IDPOL and Stalin using classic Russian choir songs
Recommended Video: Best Of Leftypol Choir
[Nyx:]( She covers movies/films, often utilizes a leftist frame, and sometimes dives into topics related to being trans.
azureScapegoat: Marxist who promotes socialist ideology; one of the most prominent features of this channel is an explainer series of videos on Cuba’s economic and political system. Noteworthy also for a video where he carefully clarifies the distinctions between socialism, communism, and modern communism.
Recommended video: How Democracy Works In Cuba

YUGOPNIK: Very new anti-capitalist channel. Critiques capitalist arguments ('Capitalist Philanthropy and Charity, why it doesn't work'), defends criticism of the left (Re: PragerUniversity on LEFTISTS and TOLERANCE) and promotes a Marxist praxis through everyday needs (see below).
Recommended video: Why Gamers Should be against Capitalism

Flea Market Socialist: Creates long and short videos on how to survive capitalism, make propaganda fun, subvert the system, and gives us that pure pure crystalline ideology we so desperately desire; straight to the jugular.
Recommended Video:Surviving Capitalism
ProSocialism: Small Trotskyist channel with videos on the bolsheviks, Lenin, and the Russian Revolution.
Recommended Video: The Russian Revolution Of 1905
Aphreditto:A leftist channel devoted to anarchist and anti-capitalist alternative education that pairs EDM with lectures and audiobooks by historical and contemporary thinkers.
[Recommended Video:]Murray Bookchin (1975) "The New Harmony" - Liquid Drum & Bass Mix
Anarchopac:: A philosophy channel that discusses Anarchism, Feminism, and Marxism.
Recommended Video: Ben Shapiro doesn’t understand intersectionality
- Media essayists and critics:

Big Joel: Does video essays on film, TV and video games with a very political slant. Analysing the Christian propaganda of the God’s Not Dead series, the preachy style of 1950s propaganda shorts, and what he believed to be the shallow politics of Black Mirror (as well as other less political analyses of movies like The Room and Disney films). He has recently branched out into much more overtly political content, creating videos which refuted arguments in Cassie Jaye’s men’s rights film ‘The Red Pill’ and the videos of Prager University.
Recommended video: The Red Pill: The Strange Art of Men's Rights Activism (Part 1)
donoteat01: Brought to my attention through comments. A fascinating channel using the game Cities: Skylines to illustrate the socioeconomic impacts the urban planning of cities can have on people's lives, both through the development in cities in history and in their redevelopment today. If you're interested in class analysis this series will be perfect for you.
Recommended video: Cities: Skylines | Power, Politics, & Planning: Episode 3: Gentrification

Folding Ideas: While not too overtly political, a leftist sense of justice and morality is pervasive in all Dan Olson’s work on this channel. He creates very lengthy analyses of movies and cultural events like last year’s weird YouTube kids video algorithm. Perhaps his most politically potent work though is the video I’ll link down below.
Recommended video: Triumph of the Will and the Cinematic Language of Propaganda

Kyle Kallgren: Film critic specialising in art cinema, but always from a socially left-wing perspective. While this political aspect is clear in all his reviews, often he does do videos exploring politics a lot more overtly such as below.
Recommended video: From Caligari to Hitler: Imagining the Tyrant - Between the Lines
Lindsay Ellis: Like Olson and Kallgren, Ellis started back in the day on That Guy With The Glasses, but has since transcended that prison into a phenomenal film critic. She uses dry humour and widely recognisable pop culture (her favourite subjects being Disney and Transformers) to look at intersecting social and political trends. While she’s often spoken from a feminist perspective, her recent work has begun delving into Marxist analysis in a way she’s very accessibly explained to the wide audience who watch her.
Recommended video: Marxism! | The Whole Plate Episode 9
Jack Saint / LackingSaint: Formerly did animations, now does video essays with political themes like in the link below. Also interesting is his parody of anti-SJW film reviews 'Rational Big Boy DEMOLISHES SJW Propaganda: 12 Angry Men'.
Recommended video: Sky High: Disney's Fascist Eugenics Movie
Pop Culture Detective: Despite the current cultural backlash to social justice, this guy has somehow gotten away with making video essay after video essay with millions of views criticising the portrayal of toxic masculinity in film and television, while celebrating the non-normative gender archetypes in media like Steven Universe.
Recommended video: The Adorkable Misogyny of The Big Bang Theory
Renegade Cut: Another long-form video essayist, but has a particular emphasis on analysing social justice in film. His work includes critical readings of the white privilege themes of ‘Get Out’, the perhaps accidental Ayn Randian/Objectivist themes of ‘The Incredibles’, and as seen below, the contentious approach to racism of ‘Three BillBoards Outside Ebbing, Missouri’.
Recommended video: How (Not) to Discuss Racism in Film - Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri | Renegade Cut

Step Back History: A history channel exploring important events from a progressive perspective. Has done videos addressing topics the right tends to obscure or ignore the truth of like, the pre-Columbian Americans (see below), 20th century communism, the rise of ISIS, anarchism during the Spanish Civil War and many others.
Recommended video: The Truth About Native Americans before Europeans Arrived
PODCASTS (Find On Podcast App)
Chapo Trap House: Leftist comedy podcast featuring interviews with a wide variety of writers and other prominent leftist figures. Along with film reviews, they also read and make fun of right wing and liberal media figures. They are very popular and do tours. Look up their clips on YouTube and obviously check this one out.
The Michael Brooks Show: Michael Brooks of the majority report’s show which features guests, analysis of politics and culture from a socialist perspective. Entertaining, funny, and overall wonderful podcast.
Best Of The Left: Aggregation of clips from a variety of mostly progressive and socialist radio and other leftist sources covering one important topic each episode.
The Majority Report: Mentioned in the youtube list, this is the actual podcast that the youtube clips come from. I listen every day. Simply excellent. This one I consider a must listen.
The Other Washington: Policy analysis from a progressive perspective. Noteworthy for analysis of minimum wage arguments.
Antifada: Jamie Peck of the Majority Reports podcast. Socialist with interviews and discussion of a variety of intriguing subject matter.
Jacobin Radio: Podcast of Jacobin Magazine -- analysis and discussion of issues from a socialist perspective
Current Affairs: Mentioned in the youtube list; the podcast features unique discussion of a variety of relevant policy and other topics from the magazine editors relevant to the socialist left
News From Nowhere: Corey Pein’s (Live, Work Work Work Die Author) unique podcast from a socialist perspective.
The Breunigs: Matt And Elizabeth Breunig of the Peoples Policy Project carefully and holistically analyze and discuss a diverse range of economic and policy issues.
This Is Hell!: Socialist analysis and interviews on a wide variety of topics relevant to the socialist left.
Zero Books: Mentioned in the youtube list; this is the podcast.
Dissent Magazine: Podcast of the Magazine
Citations Needed: Carefully policy and discussion of a variety of issues from a socialist perspective.
Intercepted: podcast of intercept magazine hosted by the brilliant and highly well regarded Jeremy Scahill, author of Blackwater and dirty wars.
Pod Damn America: the anti liberal pod save America. Features interviews with dsa members, organizers and other leftist activists and workers.
Vegan Vanguard (Mexie) Mexies youtube channel is charming, with well researched leftist subject matter and effective, well communicated presentation. Her podcast follows this trend.
Dead Pundits Society: severely underrated podcast featuring interviews with leftists as diverse and important as Adolph reed jr (the anti Tahnahisi Coates (materialist over idealist analysis), economics, unions, and a socialist foreign policy.
Supreme Leap Forward, Mic Dicta, (Socialist legal analysis)
Revolutionary Left Radio: Great pod from an ML on a variety of topics with lots of guests; did a great cross-over with The Antifada which would serve as a great introduction if you already listen to them
Media Roots: hosted by Abby Martin and her brother. This is Media Roots self described website description: "Media Roots is a citizen journalism project that reports the news from outside of party lines while providing a collaborative forum for conscious citizens, artists and activists to unite."
The Guillotine: hosted by Brett from Rev Left Radio and Dr. Bones, it is a self-described "podcast covering global current events from a revolutionary communist and anarchist perspective."
Street Fight: based out of Ohio, Street Fight Radio, or Street Fight is an American politics and humor radio show and podcast founded in June 2011 and hosted by Brett Payne and Bryan Quinby with anarchist leanings. Gritty and down to earth
Congressional Dish: podcast which is basically one woman going on a deep dive on recently passed bills, Senate hearings, that kind of thing. Lots of good episodes about US imperialism. Very detail focussed.
Cumtown: baconshark316: “not like really leftist but they're good friends with Chapo and guest on each other podcast before. Cumtown is comedy but their politics are pretty left. They just don't talk politics as much as Chapo.” very “dirtbag left”
Ashes, Ashes: David Torcivia and Daniel Forkner discuss systemic issues, cracks in civilization, collapse of the environment, and the end of the world."
Criminal (In)justice: as you can guess from the name, this podcast focuses on injustice in the criminal justice system... a lot of the critiques are quite leftist.
Your Kickstarter Sucks: a unique podcast with a humorous leftist analysis of a wide range of topics as diverse as gun violence apps, bus people, and cultural topics. I’ve heard it’s funny, still gotta get around to it
Season of the Bitch: Very well-informed feminist/Marxist show
Economic Update.: The podcast version of Richard Wolff's weekly show found on Democracy @ Work's YT channel
The Dig: Podcast from Jacobin Magazine
Deconstructed: Another pod from The Intercept
Eyes Left: Anti-war pod from two lefty army vets
The Bernie Sanders Show: Bernie will occasionally drop a half-hour commentary on big headlines
Working Class History: Exactly what it says on the box
Even More News: From the "Some More News" YT channel team
Socialist Rifle Association: A leftist podcast commenting on recent news, with focus on guns and gun laws, commenting on a variety of topics including new legislation, minorities and police. Also they regularly bash Musk, with is always fun. And they are official podcast of SRA, but that's obvious.
The Magnificast: A Christian, Marxist podcast
Chuck Boonta Vista Socialist Club:”It's the Australian rip off of Chapo Trap House”
Neighbor Science: Post-Scarcity Anarchism authors and profit sector business executives Pieter de Beer and Ryan Salisbury focused on political economy, ecology, and billionaires
Radio War Nerd: Excellent leftist foreign policy analysis
Novara Media: Aaron Bastani and Ash Sankar (of “I’m literally a communist”) have an excellent podcast AND YouTube channel featuring videos on subjects as diverse as islamophobia/Sam Harris, Homo-Nationalism and British Politics. Highly recommended
Media democracy pod: like the uk version of citations needed. very good analysis of the media by tom mills & dan hind, who have both written books on the subject for verso. also putting forward pretty concrete plans to democratise the media over here.
Discourse Collective:: leftist podcast analyzing culture and current events from a left perspective with various guests from the left activist and media sphere, as well as an ongoing reading series of of the works of important leftist authors (Prohoun, Kropotkin, Bakunin, etc).
The Black Podcast:
Red Scare: socialist feminist takes on current events and patriarchal norms, with film analysis as well
Swampside chats: the topics can be pretty niche ("here's this left-wing party that split in 1976," "here's this ultra-reactionary who wrote a manifesto") but it pulls off a combination of entertaining and intellectually serious that's p rare IME.
Behind the News: more current-events-driven and less entertaining, but is still probably one of the best Serious Interview shows out there.
No Cartridge Audio: leftist critiques of video games through a literary lens. They hosted the Texas-Christman Video Game Debate.
Struggle Session: reviews a lot of nerd/pop culture media, and often features very insightful views into the world of entertainment industry labor issues. One of their hosts, Leslie Lee, has been on Chapo.
District Sentinel: a podcast co-op (based in DC so you don’t have to be) on daily news, haikus, and analysis from the left.
Trillbilly Workers Party :Leftist podcast based in coal country, USA. Mostly a lot of local stuff about the small town they live in, but they have some good takes, and they need the exposure.
Minion Dead Cult: “They talk about news stories through the lens of insane right wing Facebook comments. It's a fun time.”
Delete Your Account - Analysis on current issues,, gaming industry unionization, evil landlords
Scumbag - Chapo's Felix and some guy that works in PR talk about internet weirdos (no longer active, but has a few good eps)
The Dig- another dead podcast - it's all a bit about Carl Diggler - a dril/journalist character played by Felix, and Virgil Texas as his millenial sidekick
Left Out:: podcast by Paul Sliker, Michael Palmieri, and Dante Dallavalle with in-depth conversations with leftist economists/organizers/thinkers.
Left Anchor: new podcast started in fall 2018 from Ryan Cooper & Alexi the Greek. Discussions between the hosts looking at historical leftist thinkers and applying to current events.
SWOTI (Someone's Wrong on the Internet): Hosted by Briahna Gray Joy and Joe Kunhilee, two leftist millennial POC. Entertaining and upbeat show that ranges from pop-culture to current events to dunking on centrist libs.
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Mirror Trading International | Online Articles about Mirror Trading International

Mirror Trading International | Online Articles about Mirror Trading International
Mirror Trading International – Have you done a search on Google to find out about Mirror Trading International? The results are normally articles that question the existence and business of Mirror Trading International. I am not a financial advisor, so I am unable to give any advice and the following article should not be considered financial advice. I share my opinion and it is up to you to make your own conclusion.
Mirror Trading International
These are answers that I give people who ask the following common questions. I try to be as factual as possible, but in many cases my opinion based on logic has been added.
So let’s look at the questions:
Does Mirror Trading International rely on pyramid style recruitment to get new members?
No, Mirror Trading International is not a pyramid scheme. Mirror Trading International has an optional affiliate program where you can earn a referral commission of 10%.
Pyramid style recruitment plans are designed to attract lots of members quickly to keep the pyramid scheme afloat. If schemes cannot double their membership every month they will typically fail quicker than expected.
Let me explain what a typical pyramid recruitment plan looks like: they will pay 10% direct, 5% 2nd level, 3% 3rd level, 1% 4th level and 1% 5th level. When you see this kind of plan, it is almost always a pyramid.
In terms of membership Mirror Trading International has just more than 7000 members after 8 months. In the first month they had 500 members, and if they needed members to sustain the business they should have had at least 64000 by now to sustain any sort of scheme.
Does Johann Steynberg have trading experience.
Johann Steynberg the CEO of Mirror Trading International is exactly that, the Chief Executive Officer. To my knowledge he has been involved in investments and trading, but is not a master trader, therefore in his position as CEO he has selected the experienced traders. Johan has negotiated that these traders look after the EA Software, ensuring that the results are consistent.
This question actually makes me laugh, it is like expecting the CEO of an airline to also fly the planes on a daily basis.
Is Mirror Trading International registered with the Financial Services authority in South Africa or Internationally?
The objective of MTI is to grow your Bitcoin, therefore all trading and balances are shown in Bitcoin, your investment is never exchanged for normal currency (FIAT) and always remains in Bitcoin.
Bitcoin is not regulated as it is not considered to be electronic money according to the law. Therefore it is not possible to become registered with the authorities as they do not accept Bitcoin as legal tender. MTI would need to take deposits in FIAT currency if they were registered and then the registration would prevent them from trading in Bitcoin. Over and above that, the financial authority would not allow the type of returns that MTI gets for its members.
Is Mirror Trading International operating illegally?
No, they are registered as Mirror Trading International (PTY) LTD in South Africa and the Registration Number is 2019/205570/07. They are a fully legal entity and Johann Steynberg is the responsible Director, therefore should anything happen to MTI, Johann Steynberg would be solely responsible.
The fact that MTI has members in over 100 countries also means that he could be summoned to any court internationally, should some type of fraud occur. The legal team of MTI ensure that MTI is 100% legally compliant.
What evidence is there of real trading taking place?
Mirror Trading International is prevented from showing live trades due to their licensing agreement with the EA Software providers. This is the fact that makes most investors nervous and it is good to do a risk assessment based on the historical results.
The current historical results, as at 24 January 2020, utilising the EA system are as follows:
Total Trading Days: 134
Total Profit made by Members (40% of the Daily Trading Results): 72.0016%
Daily average Profit made by members: 0.5373%
Total Binary Profit Sharing with Affiliates (20% of Daily Trading Results): 36.0008%
If MTI was a scheme, 7000 members would not be sufficient to support the profits paid to date. Therefore my conclusion is that the trading is real. Profits are derived from the trading activities, and members receive personal statements the following day detailing every trade placed. These could be compared to the previous day’s trades should you wish to take the time to do this.
The reality is that Mirror Trading International is going to be around for a long time and there is no need to rush in quickly hoping you are going to make something.
My experience is that you will grow your Bitcoin with Mirror Trading International and even if the Bitcoin price never rises significantly above the current level your Bitcoin will be growing. In time you will have a good number of Bitcoin more than when you started, thus you will have more value as you have more Bitcoin. Therefore should the price of Bitcoin increase significantly or not, you will still have more value in your investment.
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Spiral Dynamics - Crucial knowledge about the current insight on how to increase Awareness [Long but worth it]

before i start, this post is NOT intellectual masturbation, this has a practical use to athene current approach, this knowledge is CRUCIAL to the development of the app and will help a lot of people. my english is bad, i hope you can understand the idea. why i wrote this post instead of apply? i live in south america, athene say i can't apply. the post is long but i can guarantee you that this knowledge will be worth your time Having clarified that, let's start now:
basically the current insight of realtalk is ¿why people with knowledge dont do anything? It's because they dont have the awareness, and you gain awareness by projection and experience. for example a blind person can understand "table" but if you ask them "what color is the table" he will not be able to understand the question, because he doesnt have the awareness of "color". the same way, humans understand and have the knowledge of "right, wrong, responsibility, consistency" but they lack the awareness
i tried the new insight with a lot of people, "be a child in a remote village with a drought" the most common feedback i recieved was basically "oh, i just realized i am selfish and a bad person o_O" (many of them were shocked) "now i am aware of that, but i will not change, i am just like that" this is very similar to the click, is like "i am aware that logic is always the best option.. but i am just an inconsistent person" ¿why change is so difficult even when people grasp the awareness? what is the best approach to change people?
the biggest issue with most people is that they dont know what the fuck to do with their lifes, they lack direction & purpose, many people say "i am fine the way i am" because they believe on a fundamental level that they are in "the final level of awareness" so to speak. but, what if i told you that human awareness evolves following a PATH and you can determine your level of awareness based on science and facts, that way you can say "ok, i am here and i need to move to there", will that make a BIG difference?
the science that study that is called "developmental psychology", this knowledge is CRUCIAL:
"Carol Gilligan", a Psychologist did an study when she was trying to understand female morality, she asked to many woman for many years "do you think woman have the right to an abortion?" then she keep asking the same question to the same group of woman for many years to see how some of them change their awareness over time. basically she received 3 types of answers:
1-"woman have the right to an abortion because i say so and what i said is right" (selfish-ego answer) 2-"woman dont have the right to an abortion because society-moral-law-bible-family say is wrong" (social answer) 3-"woman have the right to an abortion, because if you see the problem from a logical point of view, people that want to do an abortion will do it anyway, so It's better to legalize it, that way you can do it safe for those people, in certain context abortion is very necessary, but in some context is bad" (logical answer)
She made 3 big discoveries with this study:
1-human awareness follow a certain "path" or "stages" during personal development. (me) > (others) > (logic-reality)
2-you can't go back to a previous stage. for example, a selfish person can change to a social person, but a logical person can't change to a selfish person.
3-human awareness can't skip stages. in other words, a selfish person can't just skip to be logical, he needs to have the social awareness first to then have the logic awareness.
  Years later 2 psychologist "Don Edward Beck" & "Clare W. Graves" did more studies about this discovery, they found out that human psychology evolve in 8 stages of awareness during personal development -each stage has a CORE VALUE that they represented with a COLOR -each stage has his own paradigms that needs to be solved to advance to the next stage. -this 8 core values represent an specific time in human history. -you can be dispersed in various stages, but there is always a stage in which you are "stuck", that is your core value. -each stage think he is right and the others stages are "wrong" or "stupid" -one of the most fascinating discovery is that human awareness evolve in an "spiral" or "cycle" between "life is about me" & "life is about others" that's why is called "spiral dynamics" or "the graves model"
Images of the model:


this level of awareness is the most primitive one, i need food, water, warm. -people with this core value: babies, feral childs, senile people -Human history: Prehistory, caveman -less than 1% of world population -paradigm shift to stage 2: "I need to cooperate with others to increase my survival rate, i can't survive by my own"


i can trust in my family & i can trust in close friends, i belong to a tribe, my tribe gives me safety, the world is a very mysterious place and the only explanation to things are superstition, magic, spirits & gods. -People with this core value: aboriginal, Shamans -Human History: first tribes -1% of world population -paradigm shift to stage 3: "if i became the leader of my tribe i can increase my survival rate"


i am selfish, i want to be the leader of my tribe, i want respect from others, i want more food, i want people to obey me, i WANT things and i will use my FORCE and POWER to feed my ego. life is a battle, survival of the fittest-stronger, life is a competition, social structures based on power. -People with this core value: criminals, impulsive people, bullies, religious extremist, extremely intolerant & selfish people, Cruel people. -Human History: agricultural revolution, first empires, dictators. -20% of world population -paradigm shift to stage 4: "being impulsive and selfish has consequences to me and others, we need order, rules, morals, i need to respect others in order to survive"


i submit myself to the system because that gives me comfort and safety, i can't stand by myself, i respect the law, authority, religion, i never question anything because my belief are the absolute truth, i felt lazy, empty, conformist, with low Self-esteem, i felt that my life is meaningless, my inaction is ruining my life and the life of others and i felt guilty about it, i felt like a loser and selfish, i dont deserve to be loved or to be happy. -People with this core value: people with 9-5jobs, Twitch chat, religious people, Conservatives, modern society. -Human History: civilization, Modern Age, Religion, church, countries. -40% of world population -Paradigm shift to stage 5: i want to be a winner, i want success, i want to question society and improve myself, i want to be my own boss instead of working as a slave for someone, watch real social dynamics. realizing that Your childhood trauma was not your fault and You deserve to be successful, trust in your intuition and be confident again, develop your social skills.


i want validation and recognition, individualism, life is a game, i am willing to manipulate and take advantage of the rules to achieve my goals and be successful, Even at the expense of others and the environment, i only crave for good experiences, status, money, fame, freedom, fake confidence, selfishness, materialism. -People with this core value: entrepreneurs, corporations, Businessman, corrupted politicians, idols, "successful" people. -Human History: industrial revolution, Capitalism -30% of world population -Paradigm shift to stage 6: validation, money and material things will never bring me Lasting happiness, no amount of experience or drugs will never fill me, i want human connection, purpose, i want to care and give and receive love unconditionally, i am being a cancer to society and my life felt meaningless.


humanism, altruism, responsibility, good intentions, human relationships and human connection, selfless, empathy, compassion, fight for a good cause, abundance mentality -People with this core value: save the children, greenpeace, charity, activist, the zeitgeist movement, people in politics with good intentions, some vegans. -Human History: 1950 approximately, hippie movement, declaration of human rights, ecology, etc. -10% of world population -Paradigm shift to stage 7: Facts > Feelings, good intentions is not enough, if i really care about the world then i need to have the biggest impact, we need to value logic, facts, science and reality.
tier 2:

STAGE 7 COLOR YELLOW, CORE VALUE (UNDERSTANDING)(life is about life itself, reality)

systemic thinking, i value consistency, logic, knowledge, facts, science, objective reality, i want to understand the world and other people, neuroplasticity (open minded), overcome excuses, overcome cognitive biases, cognitive dissonance and ego defense mechanism, cognitive empath (you see people as humans, not as NPCs) thinking in probabilities instead of binary, be result-oriented instead of outcome-dependent, sustainability, thinking outside the box and question everything. -People with this core value: Einstein, spinoza, carl sagan, Bill gates -Human History: Right now -less than 0,01% of world population -Paradigm shift to stage 8: logic itself is not enough, you need to understand the emotional component, understand awareness and psychology-neuroscience As a whole. this take a lot of time projecting yourself in others, meditation.

STAGE 8 COLOR TURQUOISE (AWARENESS)(no core value - no attachments)

Holistic global understanding of Awareness, psychology, neuroscience, existence, subconscious, emotions and humans, rational intelligence + emotional intelligence, insane neuroplasticity, constant state of flow, true selflessness, clear mind without noise, ego death, you became water. change the world and change people, global union, you try to spread your awareness to other people (a teacher who creates other teachers), the most intelligent person on the world makes others intelligent, the most good person in the world makes others good. -People with this core value: Athene, Gandhi, Buddha, jesus less than 0.0001% of world population -Human History: Right now
¿why this knowledge is important? because the approach of the Athene therapy is wrong: "with cognitive empathy - projection exercises people get perspective and that increases his awareness" the problem is that is not that simple
i tried the "projection insight" with a RED person, he became aware that he is selfish and a bad person, But he didnt change ¿why? because on a fundamental level he believes that "life is a battle, survival of the fittest", that's why He would not help the dying child, even when he became the child in his mind, even if he is the one that needs help, he still is trapped in that paradigm, in his own words; "i dont except anything from anyone so no one should except anything from me, i am selfish, that's how i am and i will never change" he will never give a fuck about a child in africa, he need to break his RED-awareness paradigm FIRST.
cognitive empathy is the final level of awareness, trying to change low-awareness people with that paradigm is like teaching algebra to a child Who does not know how to add, First you must learn the numbers, then add, then multiply, then equations, then finally algebra. if you start by teaching cognitive empathy people can "Grasp" something, but that eventually will fade away and they will go back to his previous awareness stage in which they are stuck with his current paradigm. in fact, that is exactly what happened to the click. most people never even tried to click, because they where too attached to his current core values and they where not disposed to change in the first place.
you can't change an ignorant-selfish person into a "selfless-logic" person with just ONE insight or ONE click, you need a LOT of insights, mechanical projection exercises, knowledge and existential answers for each stage with their respective paradigm, you need to guide and influence people based on his CURRENT stage of awareness, you need to follow the stages in order because that's how the human brain works, and thats not an opinion, is a fact. self development is CRUCIAL to increase awareness until you reach the stage when you became selfless or logical.
a final example, i tried the "projection insight" with an ORANGE person, he became aware that his problems are meaningless compared to other people suffering, but he didnt change ¿why? because on a fundamental level he believes that human value is based on their success, and that every person has the life he deserves, in his own words "The child needs to overcome his own problems by himself, I am not responsible", he will never care about others until he break that individualism paradigm.
if we really want to change the world, this knowledge needs to be added in the app and in therapy
TL;DR: Awareness evolves in certain stages, each stage Has a paradigm, you can't skip stages because that's how the human brain works, therapy needs to be step by step otherwise the awareness will fade away.
SOURCES: (spanish)
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A tale of my origin

In America, it's quite popular for a particular demographic of people with very little knowledge of history to refer to white people as "privileged". The idea is that no matter how shitty your historical background might be, the fact that your appearance is Caucasian suffices to ensure that you receive preferential treatment in America. This might be true, but in practice it's a phenomenon that applies to non-white Americans too. By virtue of being American they're also privileged, in the sense that they have access to more wealth and opportunities than their relatives in whatever nation they originate from.
Few people wish to recognize that Western society is itself full of indigenous groups that are subject to a long history of impoverishment and oppression that reverberates through society today. The Irish, the surviving Slavic people in Germany, the Flemish in Belgium, the Scottish, even the descendants of Celts and Anglo-Saxons in England who are still ruled by a Norman aristocracy, Western society is filled with situations where one ethnic group has historically held power at the cost of another ethnic group. My country, as unexpected as it might seem, is a clear example of this rule.
I'm part of a de facto underclass, primarily descended from Catholic labor migrants from Brabant and other parts of the country, who arrived in Holland during the early 20th and late 19th century. My last name refers to a small village in Brabant, where my patrilineal ancestors must have lived at some point. My father to this day uses words and phrases that originate out of Brabant. These Catholics lived as day laborers in Brabant, but agricultural innovations ensured that this was not a sustainable way to live, as the farmers who actually owned the land eventually had no more need for them. Thus the Catholic day laborers migrated to the bigger cities where employment opportunities would be available, as they didn't really have any other option.
One of the most popular destinations was the harbor of Rotterdam, still the biggest harbor in the world until a few years ago. My Catholic grandfather worked there, cleaning out the storage silos, but his white male privilege proved insufficient to protect him from the lung cancer he developed from the pollution that led to his premature demise, long before my birth. The minority of people descended from Catholics in my country (33%) tend to be impoverished compared to those descended from Protestants, for reasons that I will go on to explain.
In particular, those Catholics who moved to cities dominated by protestants tended to find themselves stuck in a rather marginalized position. Keep in mind that it wasn't until the liberal constitution 1848 that Catholicism and other religions were even considered equal before the law in the Netherlands, until then, we essentially had a protestant state religion. Even after 1848, massive protests erupted among protestants when in 1853 the Netherlands received its first bishops again, who led a religion that was until then legally marginalized in various ways.
It shouldn't be too difficult to imagine how the position was of the impoverished Catholics who left to settle in the major cities of Holland. These were the Turks of their own day. Cities like the Hague and Amsterdam are the Heimat of a Calvinist elite, many of whom were descended from those that made a fortune through the colonies we had around the world. It was quite common for people to migrate to Indonesia, oversee the colonial project, then return home to the Netherlands as a wealthy man, occasionally bringing a native wife and mixed offspring with them. An old friend of mine is remotely descended from such a relationship, hints of which can be derived from his family wealth and his dark features.
In Rotterdam, something interesting happened, as the arrival of labor migrants from other parts of the world led to the flight of upper class and middle class citizens from Rotterdam to neighboring municipalities during the second half of the 20th century. It's estimated that a third of the ethnically Dutch population of Rotterdam left, which means that those who were left are overwhelmingly ethnic minorities on the one hand and impoverished descendants of Catholic labor migrants like me on the other hand.
The thing to understand here is that there is very little consciousness among these people that they are an underclass, or even why they are an underclass. Dutch history lessons we learn in school are very much aimed at generating the impression of a country that rose up in unity against a foreign Spanish king, while the origin of Dutch class differences is largely ignored. After all, if people don't know why one family is poor and the other is rich, or even how to recognize the rich families from the poor ones, it prevents excessive conflict between them. Dutch people are happy that the era of pillarisation is over, so they try not to pay too much attention to it, to avoid the consequences lingering on forever. The upper and middle classes don't wish to fuel anger and resentment in the Dutch poor, nor do the Dutch poor wish to recognize themselves as an historically oppressed underclass.
It's not so much the case that people are completely blind to these differences, it's just that they don't really understand them. People recognize that Dutch people from Rotterdam are trashy, they just don't understand why. If you were to look at Dutch Catholics compared to Dutch Protestants, you would find the latter to be taller and more Nordic looking than the prior.
It's not at all uncommon for men indigenous to Brabant to look like this. Would you recognize this as being a Dutch man? The 80 year war between the Spanish crown and the Dutch Republic has left its genetic imprints in the South, where many people are descended from Spanish soldiers who bedded local women. As a result, my father looks very dark for a Dutch man, as do I. His blood group is indicative of Spanish ancestry.
Not so long ago, an article was published on a Spanish soldier who impregnated a few local women in Brabant and went on to have more (presumably) illegitimate children in Germany. His genetic legacy can be found in a rare form of heart disease common among his descendants. He is hardly the only one who left his genetic footprint. It's thought that the Flemish word estaminé for a cafe, which is also occasionally used in some places for a brothel, derives from Spanish soldiers who would ask "esta mineta?" meaning "are there girls here?". This is of course denied by those who find such history a little embarrassing.
If you were to see me, you wouldn't recognize me as Dutch, the stereotypical image of a Dutch person in the eyes of tourists is more similar in appearance to someone from Denmark. If you want to find Dutch people who look genuinely Nordic, you'd have to look at ethnic Frisians. In particular, West Frisia, a part of the province Noord Holland would be a good example. Long ago, ethnic Frisians settled down there to farm the land.
The rural villages there still have a population of men and women descended from these Frisian farmers, they almost universally tend to have blue eyes and blonde hair and tend to look quite attractive. In practice, they tend not to be very intelligent however, suicide rates among the youth are very high and they spend a lot of time partying and living empty lives, to the degree that people made documentaries about them.
In other words, if you were an American confused about his heritage and did a 23andme test that discovered you to have Dutch ancestry, that might seem nice, but in practice, it doesn't really give you a lot of insight into the lives of your Dutch ancestors. It's useful to know their religion and to know the region they lived in, to gain some sense of insight into the kind of people these must have been and the kind of lives they must have lived.
In the 19th century, people were very much aware of these differences. In Limburg, there was a strong movement to leave the Netherlands, some wanted to join Belgium, others wanted to join Germany. In the end, none of these attempts proved successful, despite their popularity among all classes of the population. You would imagine that Dutch people would know about this, but outside of Limburg, most have no clue. Similarly, until this day, it's quite popular for Catholic elderly in parts of Zeeuws Vlaanderen, to raise a Flemish flag, as in reality they are ethnically Flemish, having been conquered by the Dutch Republic half a millennium ago.
It should similarly come as no surprise that the hero of Dutch white trash angry at our political elite, Geert Wilders, originates from Limburg. He receives support mainly in impoverished parts of Limburg, but also among white trash in Rotterdam and other cities. Look at this map and you will see a small but noteworthy correlation between the number of Wilders voters and the percentage of Catholics in a municipality. The people who vote for him are people who take great pride in the Netherlands, not realizing that the Netherlands is actually a project that was founded by elites who turned their ancestors into an oppressed underclass. As Karl Marx would say, his supporters have no class consciousness.
This is something I wish to elaborate upon now. How was the Netherlands born, how did this country come into existence? If you were to pay attention in history class, you would receive the impression that we were simply all upset about being ruled by a foreign king. In reality, this was not the case. Back in those days, ethnic pride as we know it today was not a very relevant phenomenon, nationalism is a 19th century left wing ideology. It was especially not relevant among the aristocracy who were most directly responsible for the revolt that led to the birth of the Netherlands.
The motto of the Dutch house of Orange that led the revolt and continues to rule this country to this day isn't Dutch, it's French. William of Orange barely even spoke Dutch, having learned the language as a second language when he studied in Brussels. He was born in what is today Germany, in the Duchy of Nassau. No, this war had little if anything to do with the kind of ethnic conflict that led to the independence of Ireland, the unification of Italy and Germany or the dissolution of the Austrian-Hungarian empire centuries later. This was about power and religion. As you might recall, the popular issue at that time was the conflict between Catholicism and Protestantism in its various incarnations. The Dutch aristocracy was primarily composed of Calvinists.
What's worth noting about the Reformation and the enormous bloodshed that accompanied the rise of Protestantism, is that the situation is a bit more complex than a power-hungry dogmatic Catholic church that wanted to dictate what others should believe and oppress those whose opinion happened to differ. Whereas Erasmus and even Luther raised some reasonable complaints against the Catholic establishment, the Protestant reformer whose creed would come to inspire the Dutch aristocracy led the type of movement that would remind you and me of the Islamic State in Syria and Iraq: A radical fundamentalist movement that creates cruel bloodshed anywhere it goes and sees all moderates as apostates who might as well be slaughtered in its effort to recreate the kind of situation that existed hundreds of years ago back when the prophet lived.
I am talking here of course about Calvin. Us Dutch people are not taught about the kind of insane figure he was, as the majority of us are part of churches that were inspired by this madman. You don't berate your own ancestors after all. Calvin succeeded in creating a theocratic system in Genève, where he implemented a prohibition on public shows and entertainment. Musical instruments were subject to a prohibition that would last for the next 200 years. He founded a consistory court, where a number of religious elderly preachers would dictate everyone's behavior and cruelly punish those who misbehaved through torture and caning. In 1545, he immolated 20 people accused of witchcraft.
He also had his opponent Michael Servet immolated over theological differences on the nature of the trinity, so this was certainly not some kind of advocate for religious liberty. The idea Calvin behind all of this was to create a kind of society where people behaved as they do in heaven. Catholics in his era would have looked at this social experiment the way most Muslims in the Middle East now look at the Islamic State, as a frightening cult that has to be destroyed. You might imagine that this was normal in its historical context, but people were quite shocked by the utopian experiment that was going on in Genève. Polite letters from Cardinal Jacopo Sadoleto that invited the government of Genève to cease their experiment and rejoin the mother church had no effect.
Thus, when in 1566 in the low countries that were at the time still Spanish possessions, masses of his followers rose up and began to destroy various statues of saints in Catholic churches, it shouldn't be hard to imagine that many people would have been rather worried about these events. Tensions in what is now the Netherlands progressively worsened, until finally, the Spanish decided to seize the property of Dutch Calvinist aristocrats, who fled on boats to the sea and the forests, turning into a kind of marauding warlords that terrorized the Dutch population. They received the tacit support of the English queen Elizabeth, the daughter of the previous king Henry VIII who earlier decided to start his own church after being refused permission to leave his wife. The English Queen of course benefited from harming these competing Catholic empires that would have seen her as an apostate, although she had to limit her support to the degree that she could still deny it.
These marauding warbands composed of plundering Calvinist aristocrats are today seen as heroes in the Netherlands, referred to as "Geuzen". These were however not very nice people, especially not towards the poor Catholic peasants who lived in the Netherlands at the time. Their typical behavior was to plunder and rape the poor. It was inevitable that as these bands of Calvinist aristocrats grew, plenty of locals inclined to rape and plunder became more than willing to join them. Until this day, the Catholic church recognizes 19 martyrs in Gorcum who died after refusing to renounce their faith. Not a whole lot is known about the geuzen today, but these were the rebellious nobles that William of Orange allied himself to. The victors of history are not inclined to write down all the atrocities they engaged in. William was a bit of an opportunist. He was born as a Lutheran, converted to Catholicism to receive an inheritance as an 11 year old, then became a Calvinist decades later in 1573 after the insurrection was well under way.
Eventually after sufficient bloodshed, the revolt against the Spanish crown proved successful. It's not so much because the revolt was so popular among the general people. The first two invasions of the Netherlands by William of Orange were a failure. In both cases he expected that the general population would rise up in revolt to support his mercenary army, but in both cases, the public did not rise up. The revolt did not just depend on mercenaries, it also depended on French Calvinist foreign volunteers, led by William's brothers to intervene on his behalf. It's not coincidence that we refer to the war as an "eighty year war". It's named such because it took a very long time for these Calvinist aristocrats to carve out their own territory, but eventually it worked. The Netherlands now became an odd kind of Calvinist republic, ruled by what is today the Dutch royal family but back then a family that held a de facto hereditary position within a Republic.
Seven provinces with a Calvinist population received representation from the highly decentralized confederation. Because the revolt had been successful however, the Dutch republic had also inherited some territory that served as a buffer zone with its neighbors. What places are these? Parts of Flanders, modern day Brabant as well of parts of Limburg and some small fragmented regions that are today part of Belgium and Germany. Being populated almost entirely by Catholics, these places received no political representation in the confederation, but were instead administered directly as some sort of colonies. They were subject to high punitive taxation, serving as cash crops for the government. And so it happened, that as Calvinist elites in Holland reaped a fortune for themselves with their oversea empires, the Catholic parts of the country remained impoverished.
Between 1650 and 1726, the percentage of Catholics in the country declined from 47% to 34%. Why did this happen? Because life as a Catholic sucked. Whereas the Dutch government paid for the Calvinist church's expenses, Catholic priests had to be sustained by their fellow Catholics and their congregations had to be held in secret. Government jobs were off limit, as was membership of any guilds. Thus in practice, Catholics were either part of the land-owning nobility, or part of the working poor. There was no real option through which to escape from poverty. It shouldn't come as a surprise that in 1950, one could still see a strong correlation between poor municipalities and Catholic municipalities. In the same manner as wealth is passed on from generation to generation, so is poverty.
So, with all of this knowledge in the back of my head, you can see I am a bit ambivalent about being Dutch. Dutch is ultimately a synthetic identity, created by an aristocracy of religious fundamentalists that carved out a territory for themselves near the delta of two rivers, after they had found themselves sentenced to death in absentia and their property revoked. Here they created a theocratic state, where the pursuit of wealth was a fundamental priority for people who believed that wealth was one of the few signs that might help them deduce that they were probably predestined to go to heaven.
People in large parts of the Netherlands found themselves part of this new religious experiment against their will. You could consider the Netherlands a kind of Saudi Arabia that's left to evolve for 450 years. To declare myself Dutch inevitably means ignoring a conflict between my Catholic background and my Calvinist background. It was only halfway through the 19th century, when the Dutch king was forced to accept a constitution in 1848 by being blackmailed with his homosexuality, that the discrimination faced by my ancestors from the Dutch government came to a formal end. Learning about Dutch history in an effort to take pride in a Dutch identity mostly means looking over the big underlying conflicts within Dutch society. You're not always descended from the winners of history, you're often also descended from those who saw no other option but to accept whatever new situation was forced upon them.
So what am I then? That's difficult to answer. It's silly to imagine you can choose your ethnicity, but my identity as being Dutch is ultimately a fleeting concept. There was no such thing as the Netherlands 500 years ago, there won't be such a thing 500 years from now either. Many of those we call Dutch today were called Frisians once before the republic came into existence. I mostly feel more interest in a pan-Germanic cultural identity that us Dutch, Belgians, English, Germans, Austrians, Swiss and Scandinavians share together. The boundaries are inevitably arbitrary, as the Suebi who settled in Portugal, the Normans and Lombards who took over Italy, the Franks who become the French, even the Vandals who settled in Northern Africa, are ultimately Germanic too. Similarly, just as I probably have some Spanish ancestry and thereby perhaps even Moorish ancestry, many Germans have some Slavic ancestry. I hope to write a post at some point in the future to outline some of the aspects of the pan-Germanic identity that lead to our cultures having certain similarities we don't have with non-Germanic cultures.
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